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Data Backup and Recovery

99% of businesses do not do a daily computer backup themselves because it is either difficult, time consuming or boring. All hard discs fail at some stage (15% during the warranty period) and laptops are easily dropped, lost or stolen so it makes good business sense to back up your computer data.

If you don’t want to do it yourself, let us do it for you.

Scotcomputers are a leading supplier of online data backup services. Designed to overcome the ineffectiveness of traditional backup, we promise secure, simple and affordable business protection. We backup your files automatically and on a daily basis leaving you nothing to do or worry about.

Our robust, proven and simple software paints a detailed picture of the key documents and other information to be backed up. After an initial pass, the system automatically tracks all changes and additions to these files ensuring multiple copies are kept for maximum security.

Data is stored off-site in highly secure data centres providing protection from fire, flood, theft, internet attacks and viruses.

When required any stored information can be recovered instantly.

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